Artistic woodwork

Artistic woodwork is production and refurbishment of furniture, as functional equipment used for interior furnishing as well as production and refurbishment of fixed elements of interior furnishing such as stairs, panellings, doors, counters, bars.
These products, apart from functional features like in traditional woodwork, also have decorative and representative values, depending on the complexity of structure, ornaments, finishing methods, used tools or materials.

There are several methods of surface finishing of a piece of furniture or other wooden elements of interior furnishing:

  • with a visible base, i.e. with uncovered structure or coated with a transparent substance such as wax, varnish, French polish,
  • with an invisible base, i.e. with covered structure or painted with a coating substance, i.e. polychrome, enamelling or sealing,
  • special – sealing, staining, gold plating, veneering,
  • intarsia – the craft of decorating of wood with wood of other type or structure or colour or hue,
  • marquetry, inlaying – decorating of wood by covering with pieces of metal, stone, ivory, mother of pearl, tortoiseshell.

The activities connected with production, conservation and restoration of artistic woodwork are not only based on the knowledge of history of the art, chemistry and many artistic crafts. They should be also supported with manual abilities, artistry and substantial skills of a creator.

During the centuries there was a noticeable close relationship between artists, craftsmen and their customers. The harmony of structure and ornaments of a piece of furniture should be a demonstration of the quality of team work and a continuous relation between its functionality and artistic values.

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